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Green trailer being loaded by technician

SERVPRO of Wesley Chapel is Ready to Help

SERVPRO of Wesley Chapel is gearing up for storm Delta! This will be the third storm this season that our team has responded to. Unfortunately they all hit the same location in LA. We're hoping we can offer some more assistance to those who have been affected by this unfortunate series of storms.

technician in tyvek standing outside

SERVPRO of Wesley Chapel Takes PPE Seriously

Our Cleaning Crew Chief Joshua is gearing up! At SERVPRO of Wesley Chapel we take safety seriously which is why all of our technicians have extensive training to keep not only themselves safe but our customers as well!

Group of people holding signs and balloons

Gail's 15th Anniversary

Our company gathered to help Gail celebrate her 15 years dedicated to SERVPRO. Unfortunately between her health and COVID19 we were unable to celebrate in our traditional way, but I'd say she loved this just as much!

man in black shirt and tan pants posing with a hammer in hand


Thomas is a little enthusiastic about reconstruction. This Wesley Chapel home suffered a water damage that caused our team to have to remove the floor. As you can see, we're also able to replace it. Why hire multiple companies when you can hire one from start to finish?

man in tyvek suit disinfecting a fridge


Did you know SERVPRO of Wesley Chapel offers disinfecting services? Whether your home or business, let us help by using electrostatic spraying techniques that give the Certified SERVPRO Clean seal of approval! 

Technician in black shirt holding a rubber mallet

Need Repairs?

Did you know SERVPRO of Wesley Chapel offers repairs? If you have a water damage or mold remediation in your local Wiregrass home or business, allow us to complete your job from start to finish! 

brown and white air filters

Does Your Home Have Nicotine Damage?

Did you know SERVPRO of Wesley Chapel offers nicotine cleaning services? Nicotine can be an extremely hard odor to remove from a home. Usually it's because of the years of build up from smoking indoors. Not only can nicotine cause odor and discoloration in your home, it can also wreak havoc on your air conditioning if it is left running. As you can see from the photo, you can clearly tell this homeowner smoked heavily inside, so much so that it turned the air filter brown! 

Two women standing outside next to each other wearing orange and green sunglasses

Our Water Team Has You Covered

These ladies are our water dream team! They are the best of the best when it comes to conquering water damages in your home! From speaking to adjusters to answering all of your questions and being a friendly voice during a traumatic time - they are unstoppable! 

award sitting in front of a green truck on the road

Our Owner & Our Personal MVP

Our owner Jeremy George was a finalist in SERVPRO's One Team MVP contest. Jeremy was nominated be his fellow franchises and coworkers for exemplifying the mission, vision, and purpose of SERVPRO!

Wildlife Outside Warehouse

As we prepare for our days, ready to hop into our bold, bright green trucks we catch a glimpse of some local wildlife. Just outside of our warehouse birds are playing in the puddles from the rain over night. Putting a smile on our faces, we watch as these creatures feel safe on our property and it reminds us of our work. Here at SERVPRO of Wesley Chapel we are kind to our surrounding environment on our property as we are to yours. Being diligent to clean after ourselves at your house or business, not leaving trash or other materials behind, keeping your space safe.  

Vehicles Of All Sizes

SERVPRO of Wesley Chapel understands that no two damage projects are the same. That is why we have a vast amount of equipment and vehicles for all sorts of situations. Whether you have a small leak that needs just a truck bed, or a house fire that requires a full box truck and large trailer, we have it all. We are ready to jump in one of our many different vehicles, get to you immediately to begin cleanup and start to restore your home or business. Give SERVPRO of Wesley Chapel a call for any of your damage or cleanup needs: (813)-929-9898

On call, All The Time

SERVPRO of Wesley Chapel is dedicated to give our customers immediate help when a disaster strikes. Whether it's a pipe burst in the middle of the night, house fire, or a storm that just barreled through your garage, we are here 24/7. In our warehouse holds one of the most important things about our company, the white board that shows who is on call, ready to give you assistance at any time of day. And even better-we have a back up on call team standing by for the more dire times when you're in need. Never hesitate to call, we are here. 

Finding Beauty in Chaos

The view from our onsite office during the early morning hours is a beautiful one but the view of the devastation caused by ferocious winds wiping about the Florida Panhandle shorelines will be forever remembered.  Working within walking distance from the beach, customer homes were devastated, leaving some with nothing but the debris left behind.

Soot or Dust? Can You Tell the Difference?

If your Land O' Lakes home was affected by a fire would you know the difference between dust and soot?

Distinguishing between dust & soot: 1. Soot is black, dust is grey; 2. Dust bunches and soot doesn’t; 3. Soot may also be grey but has less bulk than dust; 4. Soot could be hard to see, check with white tissue.

Call SERVPRO of Wesley Chapel at (813)929-9898 for assistance with fire and soot.

On the Ground in North Carolina after Hurricane Florence

On the ground in North Carolina following the devastation by Hurricane Florence, our crews are doing what they do best - helping customers, friends and family during the time they need it most.  

Flooded School? No problem!

When a water supply line bursts causing flooding throughout a local Lutz school, SERVPRO of Wesley Chapel crews were dispatched in minutes. SERVPRO of Wesley Chapel is Faster to any size disaster, extracting water and placing drying equipment to help prevent damages from a second loss.

Are Your Exterior Walls Dry After A Tropical Storm?

After tropical storm force winds pelt water at your exterior walls and windows in Lutz, it is always better to stay safe and have your exterior walls checked for moisture.

Toilet Line Leak at a Local Church

Leaks in the toilet supply line are all too common, a call we receive a few times a week at least. SERVPRO of Wesley Chapel received an after-hours phone call from a church after a storage line leaked, causing damage throughout the children’s area. SERVPRO technicians were immediately dispatched to extract water and place drying equipment so the children could get back to playtime “Like it never even happened.”

From Smoke to Soot - A total Fire Loss

From smoke and soot to full loss from fire, SERVPRO of Wesley Chapel can handle it. A fire sparked inside a rented unit at a storage facility in Lutz, spreading throughout more than 25 units. Our team assisted by emptying each unit and helping clients sort through belongings for salvageables, all the way to rebuilding the structure.

An Ice Line Break in a Wesley Chapel Commercial Building

When an ice maker line leaks, it can happen quickly, leading to serious damage in a kitchen and – if it goes too long – throughout an entire building.  Luckily, the kitchen manager of this Wesley Chapel commercial building caught the leak quickly and called SERVPRO of Wesley Chapel, so mitigation could begin quickly and damage was minimized. 

Mold Can Affect Your Duct System Too

Once mold has reached your HVAC system be assured it has also blown throughout your duct system. This Lutz home had a small leak, going unnoticed for quite some time, giving mold the perfect home in the a/c and duct system.

Thermal Imaging Saves The Day!

During the dry out process of a Dade City home the leak detection company was having difficulties locating the cause of the leak. With the use of our thermal imaging, SERVPRO of Wesley Chapel was able to locate – a rat had chewed a hole in condensation line between the first and second floors.

Can you say "Timber?"

Even restoration companies suffer from the wrath of hurricanes. Hurricane Irma decided she wanted to try and drop a tree on our office but even that wouldn’t stop our team from helping customers in their time of need.

empty room with plastic taped up

Containment During Fire Remediation

During the fire remediation of this Lutz home, one of the first steps was to set up containment using negative pressure and HEPA filtration around the affected area. This helps minimize soot moving out of the area to other parts of the home.

A Storage Unit Oops.

Always be mindful of what you place in your storage unit. A single train battery was left in one unit exploded causing a fire which engulfed nearly 50 other units. As seen in this photo, most items were unsalvageable.  

We clean contents too!

Whether it be from a fire or mold damage, the contents of your home can be severely affected. SERVPRO of Wesley Chapel can pack out, clean and store your items until they are ready to be delivered to your home.

Oh No! Cigarette Butts Don't Belong There.

After a lit cigarette butt was thrown away the trash can at a local assisted living facility caught fire. SERVPRO of Wesley Chapel was on the scene immediately to restore the property back to its original condition. 

mold under sink

Mold, Mold Everywhere!

This photo is a prime example of what can happen when mold is left untreated and given the opportunity to expand. In addition to causing a ton of damage to your home, untreated mold may also have negative health effects as well and should be handled as soon as possible. 

Preparing for any sized disaster!

Hurricane season is already under way and it's time that you get prepared. Pasco County Emergency Management held a Disaster Expo this weekend providing every detail to ensure your family is safe this hurricane season and for those to come. 

We will get your company back in business!

After a water sprinkler broke and flooded a commercial space, this local business needed a way to get back on their feet after damage -- and quickly! We jumped right into action to remediate the issue and dry things up!

Where's Walter?

Sometimes our crew finds themselves in some pretty crazy spots. Donning his PPE gear, Walter climbed down into a tight crawl space to remove insulation affected by water damage. And, as always, he’s still smiling!

three men in safety gear

Safety First

Our top priority at SERVPRO of East Pasco is safety. Ready to begin mitigating a storm issue, our crew is protected with full-face respirators and Tyvek suits. You can’t see, but we’re pretty sure they’re smiling.

Two men cleaning contents

Whistle While You Work…

Cleaning contents is a calling, and a detail-oriented task we love at SERVPRO of East Pasco. Using our specialized equipment, cleaning products, and cleaning protocols, our team works to restore clients’ belongings affected by smoke, soot, or mold. Whenever possible, we help our clients restore so they don’t have to replace!

four men in black SERVPRO shirts

Good Morning!

Work orders in hand, our crew is all smiles and ready to rock after the morning production meeting. Walter, Jeremiah, Steven, and Sheldon are here to help and ready for whatever happens!

two men standing by a green truck

Attention to Detail

Before we hit the road to service clients each day, our production team gathers outside the warehouse to discuss ongoing projects and receive daily work orders. Here, Executive Director Jeremy George coaches Jeremiah as they list out supplies he’ll need for that day’s contents packout project in Wesley Chapel. 

two women and a man holding a large check and a man in white shirt signing it

SERVPRO supports the SPCA

Executive Director Jeremy George signs a giant check in support of the SPCA Suncoast. Our company was proud to be able to make this donation for such a great cause!

Water Damage in Wesley Chapel

Daniel is busy extracting water after installation of a containment barrier to expedite drying. While working quickly, he is able to use his knowledge and expertise to handle this damage properly in a timely manor!