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Wesley Chapel 24- Hour Emergency Water Damage Service

7/27/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Wesley Chapel is available 24 hours a day for water emergencies, large or small. When you are dealing with water damage, immediate action is crucial. A delay of just a few hours can greatly increase the severity of the water damage.

We Answer the Phone Ready to Help
Call Today - (813) 929-9898 

We understand that when you call us, you may be feeling confused, stressed, and vulnerable. You need an expert to guide you through this crisis. SERVPRO of Wesley Chapel has the specific water damage training and experience to help you through this tough time. We specialize in water damage restoration—in fact, it's the cornerstone of our business.

What to Expect

When you call, we will ask several questions regarding your water damage emergency. These questions will help us determine what equipment and resources to bring, including how many trained SERVPRO Professionals may be needed.

Our SERVPRO Representative will ask several questions:

  • Your name and contact information
  • Your insurance information (if applicable)
  • The street address of the water-damaged home or business
  • When did the flooding or water damage occur?
  • What caused the water damage (if known)?
  • Is there electricity available (on-site)?

About SERVPRO of Wesley Chapel

SERVPRO of Wesley Chapel specializes in the cleanup and restoration of residential and commercial property after a fire, smoke or water damage event. Our staff is highly trained in property damage restoration. From initial and ongoing training at SERVPRO’s corporate training facility to regular IICRC-industry certification, rest assured our staff is equipped with the knowledge to restore your property.

Need help drying out or restoring your Wesley Chapel Business?

7/21/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Wesley Chapel offers a variety of services from water and fire damage restoration, mold mitigation, and both commercial and residential cleaning services. But did you know that we also provide Document Drying and Restoration for our commercial clients? 

Damage from a water or fire event is not limited to the building and furniture. Sometimes files such as patient records, invoices, and legal documents are impacted by water, smoke, and soot contact. SERVPRO’s document drying process is designed to stabilize damaged documents and prevent further damage quickly. The treatment facility is secured, the chain of custody follows HIPAA guidelines – or whichever specific legalities are required, and our Drying Chamber personnel is Master HIPAA certified allowing them to handle protected health information (PHI). 

Our Document Restoration Facility: 

  • Innovative: we use the latest vacuum freeze-drying method, as well as gamma irradiation technology for sterilizing
  • Secure: managed by HIPPA Master-certified technicians, under 24/7 surveillance
  • Digital: we use a computerized inventory system for digitizing your documents
  • Flexible capacity - we can accommodate large commercial losses or small residential jobs
  • Full Service: we offer a range of services including drying, cleaning/disinfecting, re-jacketing, digitizing, and deodorization

SERVPRO document services also include digitization services that reduce the need for large filing rooms and help make data access more accessible for businesses. Certified destruction services allow for sensitive information to be appropriately disposed of and provide peace of mind to businesses and their clients. 

Types of content: 

  • paper documents
  • books and magazines
  • manuscripts and files
  • photographs, films, negatives, and microfiche
  • x-rays
  • blueprints and maps
  • parchment

For more information about document recovery provided by SERVPRO of Wesley Chapel, based in our New Port Richey headquarters, north of Trinity, or other commercial services, visit our website or call (813) 929-9898. 

Perks of Working With SERVPRO!

6/30/2021 (Permalink)

Are you a business owner, property manager, or even a facilities manager? Have you experienced recent water, fire, or mold damage at your commercial property and need help?
Are you looking for a National Company with commercial remediation experience that offers a full-service remediation team in a timely manner? Look no more because you have come to the right website SERVPRO of West Pasco/Hernando County/Wesley Chapel is here to help. With our twenty-four-hour-a-day, seven days a week available, SERVPRO of Wesley Chapel can work to meet any of the needs at the commercial job site.
Our goal at SERVPRO is to eliminate the amount of downtime for your business. We want your business up and running as soon as possible to limit the burden and stress that comes with a loss. We have the ability to work around a normal 9-5 schedule so that businesses could stay open while remediation occurred on the off-hours.
We know commercial losses are complex, stressful and a burden but, we will work with you directly to help facilitate your needs and take that stress off of you. Call us now to see how we can help get your business, back in business.

What to expect when the unexpected happens.

6/24/2021 (Permalink)

When the unexpected happens, you can count on us to respond to any type of property damage quickly and ready to work. Our crews have the experience and IICRC training to respond to all sorts of damages that can occur. With equipment and vehicles prepared to respond to fire, water, or other damage for you it is as easy as picking up the phone. As an emergency response company, we are ready to help 24/7-356 days a year. Fires, water damage, and property damage does not keep a schedule, so we will always have teams on standby ready to respond to your emergency!
You never expect the unexpected to happen, but it is good to know that a SERVPRO is nearby and ready to respond to whatever situation happens.
Call us now, later or whenever a disaster is to happen, we will be here to answer the call!

We Offer More Services Than One Might Think!

6/24/2021 (Permalink)


We cover a range of restoration and cleaning services for your commercial or residential property.  When the unexpected happens, you can count on SERVPRO to make it "Like it never even happened."

Here is a list of services and cleanings that we do in order to maintain our great reputation.  

• Fire, Smoke and Soot
• Water Removal & Dehumidification
• Mold Mitigation & Remediation
• Catastrophic Storm Response
• Move Outs & Contents Restoration
• Electronics & Equipment
• Document Drying
• Contents Claim Inventory Service
• Lead Abatement (RRP)

• Air Ducts & HVAC
• Biohazard & Crime Scene
• Vandalism
• Carpet & Upholstery
• Drapes & Blinds
• Ceilings, Walls & Hard Floors
• Deodorization
• Dumpster & Debris Removal
• Dry-Cleaning
• Data Center Cleaning
• Vandalism & Graffiti
• Trauma & Crime Scene
• Sewage & Toilet Overflow

No matter what your restoration or cleaning needs are, you can count on SERVPRO to get things back into working order. Give us a call today!

Emergency Ready Profiles (ERP) !

6/17/2021 (Permalink)

ERP program poster Ask about our ERP program that we have, it could save your business a ton of money in the long run.

Did you know that you can prepare for a disaster before you even know one is coming? Crazy to think about, but not crazy to implement. SERVPRO has an Emergency Ready Profile (ERP) that can take the headache out of preparation.
SERVPRO’s Emergency Ready Profile (ERP), can help minimize business interruption by having a plan of action in place for your facility before anything even happens. The ERP is a comprehensive document/app containing critical information about your business and building. Some of these things including Emergency Contact Information, Shut-off Valve Locations, local hospitals, and sensitive information about the account of the building. Our representatives will work with you to set up the plan to ensure that you are ready if anything were to happen.
Knowing what to do and who to call in advance helps minimize the amount of time your business is inactive and gets you back in the building faster after following a disaster. The ERP is available online using your computer or a tablet. You can also download for free, The Ready Plan app. This allows you to access this information anytime anywhere. The SERVPRO Emergency READY Profile (ERP) will help ensure you and your businesses are "Ready for whatever happens."

When a Storm Strikes Tampa, SERVPRO is Ready!

4/15/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Wesley Chapel specializes in storm and flood damage restoration.  Our crews are highly trained and we use specialized equipment to restore your property to its pre-storm condition.

Faster Response

Since we are locally owned and operated, we are able to respond quicker with the right resources, which is extremely important. A fast response lessens the damage, limits further damage, and reduces the restoration cost. Open 24/7, we're there when our community needs us.

Resources to Handle Floods and Storms

When storms hit Wesley Chapel, Land O Lakes, Dade City and beyond, we can scale our resources to handle a large storm or flooding disaster. We can access equipment and personnel from a network of 1,650 Franchises across the country and elite Disaster Recovery Teams that are strategically located throughout the United States.

Have Storm or Flood Damage? Call Us Today at (813) 929-9898

Water Damage Do's and Don'ts

4/13/2021 (Permalink)

When it comes to water, it can cause more damage than you think. Water can easily fit in crevices and cracks, finding its way just about any where in your home or business. Here are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to water damages.


Most important- Shut off the source of water if possible and if you cannot do so, contact a qualified party to get the water shut off. This will save your home or business from getting more damage.

Turn off the circuit breakers for the wet areas. For your safety, its important to disconnect any electrical activity near a source of water.

Remove or prop up wet furniture or upholsteries for even drying and to prevent further damage.


Leave books, newspapers or other colored items near wet carpets or walls, this will help avoid staining.

Use TV’s or other appliances while standing on wet carpets or floors, especially not on wet concrete floors.

Use your household vacuum cleaner to remove water, this could cause possible electrical shock or do serious damage to the vacuum cleaner.

The Three Categories of Water Damage

4/13/2021 (Permalink)

Water damages come in all shapes and sizes and also come in different categories. These categories are Category 1 Water Damage: Clean Water Damages, Category 2 Water Damage: Grey Water Damage, and Category 3 Water Damage: Black Water Damage.

It is important for our SERVPRO technicians to understand the different sources these categories fall under. Each category is to be treated differently to ensure that our clients are not living in a contaminated area. Category 1 water is the least severe on the IICRC scale and this includes broken pipes and water supply lines. Also, it can include things like overflowing sinks and bathtubs and really any toxin-free water.

The next level up from that is a Category 2, “grey water”. This is water that comes from overflowing toilets or washing machines. Even though this water may not be harmful to humans, we still have to remove any affected items and completely disinfect the area.

The most severe is the Category 3 Water aka Black Water. This is the most extreme kind of water and requires immediate action because it might result to serious health risk. Black Water includes things such as sewage, flood water, and seawater. Anything that has been touched by Category 3 water will need to be removed from the property and the dwelling will need to undergo some serious disinfecting.

If you or someone you know has a water damage in their home or business, give us a call at SERVPRO of Wesley Chapel, 727-847-3000.

The Science of Drying

4/13/2021 (Permalink)

Did you know there is actually a science behind the process of drying? Having the knowledge of psychrometrics is essential to restoring a water-damaged structure to its pre loss condition.

While your initial reaction may be to grab a few towels to mop up the mess and place a fan or two around the damaged area, the team at SERVPRO of Wesley Chapel is trained in the science of drying and follow strict industry-approved standards to help lower the chances of any secondary damages. If your business or home suffers water damage, SERVPRO of Wesley Chapel will:

  • Inspect the building to detect every component that is wet, to help prevent secondary damage from happening.
  • Measure how much moisture is in wet materials and monitor whether the materials are drying properly.
  • Speed up Mother Nature by using professional drying equipment.

What exactly does it mean to help “speed up Mother Nature”? A wet building can often dry naturally because the environment always seeks equilibrium. When materials are wet, moisture will naturally move to drier air at the surface of the material–but only if the air is, indeed, drier. The only problem is, nature takes too long and secondary damages may occur while the building is drying out.

SERVPRO of Wesley Chapel has the tools and equipment to help Mother Nature along, including equipment to help dry hardwood floors, tough-to-reach spaces inside walls, and much more. We also use state-of-the-art monitoring equipment, and a proven scientific process to help speed the drying of your home or business.

The bottom line? In Wesley Chapel, Land O Lakes, Dade City, and beyond, our team has the training and equipment to help make water damage “Like it never even happened.”